Corner Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

How to design your kitchen: The decor of the kitchen is very important because with this you can distribute the furniture and accessories in an organized manner. When it comes to designing your kitchen you must follow several steps such as taking the necessary measures.

You must measure the length and width of the kitchen, like the height from floor to ceiling, to the latter it is important to note that the width and height of the walls are taken from different locations because the walls and floor are almost always present irregularities. You must also measure the door and window, each with its framework, like drains, radiators, making gas, water valves, sink, appliances, etc..

After these measures are scored, you must draw a floor plan to start a scale that reflects the area and perimeter of the kitchen with windows and doors. We recommend using a scale of 1:20 a A4 format. In the drawing, you must display the proper position of electrical outlets, gas and water, and of course, the ventilation ducts, if any. The next step is the distribution of the elements of the kitchen, it is important to know that their work will facilitate the distribution to make the chores, which is why there is to know the importance of the triangle of work, these are the three areas that are essential in a kitchen, which include the washing area, you will sink, the dishwasher, the cans, disinfectants, the wringer, and so on., the area of cooking, here is the oven, microwave The grease remover, utensils, condiments, oils, etc.. and the food storage area, this will serve to store food, both natural and prolonged expiration, if you distribute these three areas, your work faster and more efficient.

How to do it: There are several ways to distribute these areas quickly and easily, these are:

Online: you place the area of washing, storage and cooking as a line, this form of distribution shall be forfeited, if your kitchen is narrow and elongated.

At the same time: here are placed in two areas in front and a line, we recommend a minimum of 120cm between the two rows of furniture, this distribution is done in a long, wide kitchen, and kitchen with two doors opposite.

L: This is recommended in medium and large kitchens, here are placed the furniture in two adjoining walls, with this distribution will have auxiliary spaces, where we can have a table to eat.

Among others.

If you already have thought that the distribution given to the areas, then move to the next step, which is the location of furniture, you must first locate the basic elements of the triangle of work outlined above (stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink, etc.), then put the furniture that are low in a corner, place a piece of furniture to the sink and place the dishwasher next to it, it is advisable to place the stove in one corner of the kitchen, then place the furniture top, get a showcase to sharpen the visual weight of the furniture top, etc.. It is important to note that there must be a distance of 60cm between the sink and the kitchen and should not be put keys in front of windows that open inwards.

Scratch Proof Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink

Consumers would like to get the best value for their money. In order to do so, they would like to get an item that can be useful for them in lots of ways. For example, they would get undermount corner kitchen sink that is not only helpful in food preparation but also in saving space at home.

You can take advantage of its space-saving feature since you can place it on the corner part of your kitchen countertop. This will help you utilize every area of your countertop for food preparation. These undermount corner kitchen sink will fit perfectly the corner part of your countertop.

But aside from using it as an item that can save you space, these sinks also have the ability to improve the image of your kitchen. As you know, it's uncommon for homes to have a triangular sink or sinks that are placed on corners of their countertop so you may find it as an additional benefit on design.

If you are someone who would also like to use an undermount corner kitchen sink for home design, it is better if you will get a scratch resistant sink for your kitchen. This property will help you keep your kitchen looking new all the time.

As you know, putting your cooking utensils on your sink may scratch its overall look. And even if you have not scratch it the first time, it will be eventually be scratched in the process with daily use. Aside from just constant friction, temperature of the cooking utensils will also have an effect on it and eventually damage it after the long time.

So if you will buy your very own undermount corner kitchen sink, make sure to check this detail in terms of being scratch proof so you will be able to have a long lasting kitchen sink that will look best on your kitchen for longer periods of time. Also make sure that you will look for sinks that are both resistant with both friction and temperature so you will keep them protected in all elements.

So if you want to have an undermount corner kitchen sink that will look beautiful for a long time. This will definitely give you a high quality sink and a good investment for your home. This will be good for you if you want to have a beautiful kitchen and overall interior design.

New Beginnings - Cooking Corner

As I begin this new journey my thoughts are, what I would like to see and read. What would be of interest to my followers. I did not know a thing about cooking when I first got married but I learned quickly. I now love to cook and read cook books and pass recipes to my friends. I also love to gather recipes from any where I can find them. As we grow older we think more about healthy cooking for ourselves and our families. I was raised on meat and potatoes as we probably all where back in the 50's. Healthy was not talked about much.....especially as it is talked about today.

I will try along the way to give you tips you can use in the kitchen, recipes, information on herbs and spices. I also from time to time will give you decorating tips. I am an Interior Decorator by trade so can pass along ideas and answer any questions you may have.

We all love the comfort foods but some of them are not good for us. There are ways we can change that by using products with less fat, no fat and watch the sugar and salt. I find that if I cook with a little salt, we don't use salt at the table. I see people eating and when their dinner arrives they immediately put salt on everything. They do not even taste it...just pour on the salt. I really don't know how those people can enjoy their food when it is so salty. Salt is not good for you only in moderation. Just about anything can be okay for you if you eat it in moderation. We have diabetic friends who do not watch their sugar intake and I worry about them. They will say, "I will take my pill and be ok" that doesn't always work. If you want to lose weight and be healthy you have to cut out the sugar and as we have been told over and over walk 10,000 steps a day. You cannot believe how you can lose the weight by walking the 10,000 steps.

If you want to be in control of what you eat you have to cook for yourself. You can control what goes into the foods you eat and into the pans you use to cook for yourself. You need to know the calories and how much fat you eat in a day. I feel you can still eat your favorite foods but you control what goes into them. One of my favorite meals is spaghetti with meat sauce. I use ground turkey instead of ground beef. What a fat saver that can be!